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ReCreate started in 2008 with a single goal: to reduce waste in our community—and inspire others to do the same— through art, education, and imagination.

How does ReCreate make a difference?

Innovative Learning
Have you ever programmed a banana to be the key of a piano?    It’s one project we use to teach with Maker Education.  Maker Education empowers students to be creative and have ownership in their learning process. 

Schools invite ReCreate into their classrooms to provide hands-on, standards-based lessons in STEM. For example, we teach a program on Renewable Energy.  Students build a working wind turbine, solar-powered cell phone charger or water-mill and experience first-hand what they saw in their textbooks.  Our expertise and projects have sparked learning excitement in over 2000 classrooms.  Teachers rate the overall experience and curriculum at 4.9 out of 5, and students tell us over and over this is the BEST DAY EVER!

We Bring it to Them - And it's Sustainable
We roll up in our Genius Mobile, a vehicle full of technology, like 3D printers, a laser cutter and programmable circuit boards. We unload and transform a typical room into a Maker Classroom.   Creating is costly, so we stretch our materials budget through reuse.  Businesses donate 60 tons annually of their good trash and students use it to make.  In those renewable energy projects-   kids use items like old CDs and broken phone chargers.  Through the process of transforming reuse items into projects, ReCreate diverts over 60 tons annually from entering the landfill and students become better stewards for the environment.  

It's Engaging
7th grader Jose* was struggling in school and could be described as “checked-out”. He wanted to design and print a 3D rocket – his first attempt failed. He quickly realized that he needed math skills to complete it.  For Jose, building with his hands helped him understand the value of his classwork.   His mom told us that because of our program -  he started doing homework, his grades were improving and his teachers said he was more engaged.   District Administration magazine’s nationwide study found Maker Education engages students more deeply in the core curriculum while instilling skills teamwork, creativity, problem solving and learning from failure.  Skills that stick with kids through life. 

It's Scalable
Our program is scale up ready, and the demand is outpacing our current resources.  We are hoping to raise $15,000, specifically to bring our programs to under-served schools and scholarship low income kids into our summer camps.
Together, we can help kids like Jose ReCreate their future.

Here are some possibilities of what your donation would allow us to provide school kids in our area:

  • $15 Could buy 5 pounds of glue stick refills.
  • $25 Could pay for LEDs for Light Play projects.
  • $100 Could buy supplies needed for the GeniusMobile at a Community Event.
  • $250 Could cover the cost of one Summer Camp Scholarship: 30 hours of maker learning & fun.
  • $500 Could pay for us to see 60 students at a school.
  • $1000 Could pay for a school to have the GeniusMobile on campus for a day.
  • $5000 Could provide for a school to have the GeniusMobile on campus for a week.

Thank you for your consideration! 

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Can you help us inspire more under-served students with our Maker Education program?

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