ReCreate offers an array of fun spring, winter, and summer camps. Sessions run Monday through Friday, for three hours a day (either morning or afternoon).  We offer different camps every session, and we are always coming up with new themes (we just can’t help ourselves!), but below are some ReCreate classics. Please
consult our calendar or contact us to find out what the next session’s themes are.

Structures! Building and Architectural Art
A professional architect starts off the week by discussing key elements of designing buildings and cities, with an emphasis on “green” issues like solar power, efficient water use methods, and eco-friendly materials.
Our junior architects then collaborate on a road system using discarded flooring samples, build structures of their choice, and create models of their own ideal cities.

Craft Camp - I Wanna ReCreate
Using our supercool diverted materials, campers learn to crochet, weave, do basic hand-sewing, and string art. Young crafters are always delighted with the fruits of their labor—everything from stuffed animals to pin cushions to jewelry.

Science Camp
Kids are naturally curious—and that makes them natural scientists! Campers may reverse-engineer a ballpoint pen, dissolve an egg shell, and test whether black ink is really black. We also perform wind experiments, make LED lights, and create whimsical Rube Goldberg machines. Just to show that science has practical—and yummy —uses, we also construct solar ovens to make S’mores!

Nature Camp
Here at ReCreate, we want nothing more than to inspire young people to protect the environment. And what better way to do that than help kids fall in love with nature? In this popular camp session, kids make mobiles, rock art, leaf-print medallions, and take a field trip to a park to do watercolors or sketches of the local landscape. We also make “seed bombs,” which can be lobbed into empty lots, or one’s own back yard,
giving campers a chance to beautify their surroundings with some of nature’s loveliest
offerings: wildflowers.

Make it Move/Bang, Zoom, to the Moon
Calling all engineers—and anyone who loves a good blastoff, takeoff, or flight. Campers make catapults, hovercrafts, rubber band powered cars, spinning tops, and more. As with all our activities, only diverted materials are used, thereby teaching kids that the best—and most fun—engineering is earthfriendly.

We understand why so many kids love this wildly popular video game: players can build anything they want (a house with a swimming pool in the kitchen? No problem!), battle sinister enemies, and seek out mystical dragons. ReCreate lets kids indulge their passion--and also takes them away from their computer screens. Using diverted materials, campers create favorite characters in all their pixilated glory--dragons,
creepers, or “Steve”--as well as Minecraft-inspired structures, wall hangings and a Tshirt.

Fairy Gardens
Tales of tiny magical woodland creatures have captured the imaginations of children for centuries. This fairy-tastic camp takes kids through the construction of a fairy home, followed by the creation of a garden (and these gardens never die--we beautify them with “no-water” flowers). At the end of the week, we celebrate with a fairy garden party, complete with wings!