ReCreate shared its wildly popular More Art! Less Waste! program with over 10,000 grade school students in our region last year.
Our school visits start off with a lively presentation, aided by a slideshow and video, on what happens to garbage when it leaves our homes; we then talk about how we can help our local waste management authorities in their efforts to protect the environment. Kids learn why—and how—we should reduce, reuse, recycle. Then, in order to enhance students’ ability to re-envision trash, we take them out to our Rolling ReCreate truck, let them pick out a super cool art kit mad from diverted art supplies, and return to the classroom to transform these salvaged materials into awesome crafts. We never cease to be amazed by students’ creativity!

A note to educators: More Art! Less Waste! is funded for Sacramento County  (for schools in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County) and the City of Folsom.   It is free of charge to schools (for certain grades) in those areas. We do ask that schools book us for a minimum of three (and a maximum of four) classroom visits in one day in order to minimize the number of trips our truck makes, thereby minimizing our environmental impact; we also have a limit to the number of schools we can visit, so contact us early in the year if you are interested in this wonderful program.

City of Folsom School Program


If you are from a different school in our region, we can visit your school, on a fee for service arrangement.  For more information about ReCreate making a hands-on presentation at your school, email us at