GeniusMobile - A Maker Education Program that comes to you

What is the GeniusMobile?

In 2016 we launched our GeniusMobile – a MakerSpace on wheels.  We roll up to your school, unload and transform a classroom into a maker space, bringing in hands-on project based programs focused on Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math.  . 

Think back to a time in school when you were a kid, where you invigorated and filled with creative confidence.   My guess is that your memory is based on a hands-on project, building or making something.   

Those magical moments… That is what we bring to school via our GeniusMobile.    We integrate high tech tools and reuse items to provide a low cost – high impact experience for students. 

Bring the GeniusMobile to your School
Option One

  • Classroom by classroom visits by grade.  We visit 3 to 4 classes in one day, students explore a hands-on maker experience based on grade selection.  Available for K through 8.   This is an excellent way to introduce making with technology, or provide a subject specific maker integration.    

Option Two

  • School-wide Maker Days – Bringing making into schools introduces students and teachers to the Maker Movement.  Maker Days are kicked off with a fast paced and inspiring assembly – encouraging kids to be empowered by learning.  Each class is given the opportunity to explore Design Challenges through Design Thinking, Collaborative Prototyping, Solution Feedback/Testing and group reflection.  Program is run by grades.    

Add-on Opportunities

  • Family Maker Night – Schools have an option to share the magic of maker education with parents by holding a family maker night, where families can work together on maker activities and challenges. 
  • Staff Professional Development – Are you interested in finding ways to bring more hands-on programming to your school? ReCreate can help, by providing workshops and Professional development for your staff.
  • Design Challenges For Another Day - We will set you up for a Design Challenge for your class for another day.

Elementary School Programs

Options include;  Light Play, Simple Machines, Exploring with  Makey-Makeys and more.  

Middle School Offerings

Options include Physical Computing,  Renewable Energy and more. 

All Grades and Community Programs

Pop-Up Maker Space- Week Long Project
Provide the room and we transform it into a maker space at your school.  We bring grade appropriate programs into each classroom.  We can accommodate up to 20 classes in a week.  This program allows students to explore disciplines and learn skills that they choose, to foster further inquiry in disciplines they may want to pursue.  This project is for a week or longer at a site. 

Micro Maker Faire - Full Day Program
If you have ever been to a Maker Faire, you know that makers from all over the world come together to share their love of making.  This is a mini version.  We transform a large room into several stations for students to explore different types of making.  We provide prompts and helpers for students to try tinkering, component programming, scratch and stop-motion videos.  This is also a great option for a Family Maker Night.

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