GeniusMobile - A Maker Education Program that comes to you

Elementary School Programs

Light Play         
Following a presentation, students will explore light, shadow, and motion using a variety of materials and light sources. We start with guided explorations of shadows, single and multiple light sources, three-dimensional objects and translucency, participants learn about light, reflection, and more. They will make a light piece and eventually combine them into a collaborative light spectacle.

Simple Machines            
Following a short presentation, students will have hands on exploration of several simple machines.  They will have a series of challenges to understand how machines can help make work easier.

Makey Makeying Music               
Students explore soundscapes with real objects in this musical lesson using key making software and a Makey Makey.  This lesson applies scientific processes, teaches how to generate evidence as it relates to electricity and conductivity.  Students learn to collect data and draw conclusions

Makey Makeying Arcade Games             
Students work together to make a high-tech carnival or arcade game.  Students design, build, and share their own arcade creations.  Students use Scratch for programming and Makey Makeys to incorporate some simple circuitry and provide input to the Scratch program.  Classes can invite their little buddies to come try their games.

Middle School Offerings

3D Design and Virtual Reality 
Programming in 3D teaches spatial and mathematics knowledge, as well as art and engineering design.  Learn how to develop 3D models using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and how it relates to 3D printing. 

Physical Computing
Open source microprocessors, interfaces and sensors allow students to explore the connection between the physical and digital world by developing wearable computing by creating smart textile projects.  These mobile devices can do more than just light up a piece of clothing, they can also test and monitor the world around you.

Renewable Energy - Special Project
Following a lesson, students work in groups to build a solar powered cell phone charger,  a working wind turbine or a water mill.  They are tasked with making their project, and data collection on their project.  This is a multi day program, with presentations on the second day. 

All Grades and Community Programs

Pop-Up Maker Space- Week Long Project $4500.00
Provide the room and we transform it into a maker space at your school.  We bring grade appropriate programs into each classroom.  We can accommodate up to 20 classes in a week.  This program allows students to explore disciplines and learn skills that they choose, to foster further inquiry in disciplines they may want to pursue.  This project is for a week or longer at a site. 

Micro Maker Faire - Full Day Program $900.
If you have ever been to a Maker Faire, you know that makers from all over the world come together to share their love of making.  This is a mini version.  We transform a large room into several stations for students to explore different types of making.  We provide prompts and helpers for students to try tinkering, component programming, scratch and stop-motion videos.  This is also a great option for a Family Maker Night.

Professional Development $250 and up


  • Most GeniusMobile programs are available at a fee of $250 per classroom, and we can serve 3 or 4 classes per day. (minimum of $500 per visit.)  Most programs are 75 minutes per classroom.
  • ReCreate does have some grant funds to help offset fees for schools that may need assistance.  Subject to availability.
  • We love working with schools to mold something to your needs.  Please feel free to call 916-770-9880 and let's talk.


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