Maker Education - That's Genius!

Take a moment... think back to a time in your own education when you felt proud.  In that memory, you probably made something.  You had to work through mistakes and when you were done, you felt empowered.   Those moments when creativity and ownership of learning collide – they’re pretty rare.   At ReCreate, we're working to change that.

Since 2008, ReCreate’s  inspired 60,000 young people to get excited about learning and reach for their potential – through making.   Our GeniusMobile doesn't only visit classrooms.  We are invited to community events, and are award-winning participants in the Bay Area Maker Faire. 

Founder, Donna Sangwin has been been interviewed, asked to sit on many maker educator panels,  provide demonstrations, and professional development workshops.  Our expertise in providing youth with a valuable and life changing experience has defined us as leaders in the Maker Education Field. 

Our program is scale-up ready. We have the ability serve even more students in our region.  Let's work together to launch our next GeniusMobile.