Junk 2 Genius 2015

Junk 2 Genius

Junk 2 Genius 2015 will be held in front of Whole Foods Market Roseville on June 12th.  Who will reign supreme?  Will Placer Valley Tourism win again, or was last year beginners luck?  Will Blue Line Arts take home the top trophy this year or will a new rookie come in and grab the bragging rights of top genius? 

Junk 2 Genius is a Timed Team Art Competition, that is an excellent team building project for companies.  Teams arrive with their tools and secret weapon, and are given a box of ReCreate materials to make a work of art.  The theme is announced and 2.5 hours later teams unveil their sculptures.

This year's Junk 2 Genius will be helping to fund our STEAM* focused educational Maker Mobile - that will bring hands-on maker projects to kids in Placer and Sacramento County area schools.  Our Fundraising goal  for this program is $30,000 for equipment (Laser cutter, 3-d printer, laminator, a vinyl cutter, a couple tablets) and another $25,000 to help fund consumables used in the school visits.  These are lofty goals, but we believe this program will bring great value to our region, and our kids are worth it.








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I'm a Genius... Sign me up....

Junk 2 Genius BasicTeam Registration

This is for a basic Team Registration.  This will give your team a Basic box of materials, and table to participate.  This will NOT give you the Bells and Whistles of a STEM Bonus Kit. 

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Junk 2 Genius Team Registration with STEM Bonus Kit

Are you serious about winning Junk2Genius this year?    This kit gives your team a box of mystery items to sculpt with, as well as a STEM kit - that includes lights and materials to add a kinetic (movement) element to your sculpture.  As a bonus you can feel great knowing that you are helping ReCreate spotlight the value of Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math!

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People's Choice - Stuff the Ballot Box
from 25.00

you want to make sure you take home a trophy?  There is no shame in stuffing the box - it is a fundraiser - it isn't a bribe, it's a donation!!

People's Choice Votes:
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Maker Mobile Donation
from 50.00

Can't Make it to Junk2Genius - but still want to support our cause?

ReCreate is launching an educational maker-mobile.  Inspired by the good folks at Stanford University, and their Spark Truck, we want to provide the same type of inspiring STEAM experiences for our region. 

We will offer hands-on learning and encouragement for kids to find their inner maker.  We need your help.  If you think our kids are worth it, would you consider donating to help make our Educational Maker Mobile a reality?

Educational Maker Mobile:
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