As winter break is coming to an end and we prepare to bring our Genius Mobile and after school maker classes to even more students in the Sacramento metro area, we'd like to look back at some of the awesome making that happened as we wrapped up 2016.

Students at our Maker Monday Tech-a-palooza at Stoneridge Elementary participated in a 6 week long hands-on exploration of technology and making. They learned principles programming through Scratch, basic 3D design with TinkerCad, and made squishy circuits, light-up greeting cards, and circuit critters!

 Light-up Circuit Critters made by students at Stoneridge Elementary School.

Light-up Circuit Critters made by students at Stoneridge Elementary School.

At Eich Middle School, our student makers worked in teams for the past few months on short films, over which they had complete creative control. Some students elected to make live action films, while others chose to experiment with stop motion animation. After weeks of scripting, filming, and editing, the students got to share their creations with their families at our Maker Film Festival!

Meanwhile, makers at Buljan Middle School spent their fall building interactive arcade games for our Maker Carnival. Some chose to focus on the programming aspects of game design, using Scratch to remix favorite games like Galaga and Undertale.Others focused on construction, and built an RC Car racetrack, a sphero soccer field, and a sphero maze. One team combined both approaches when they built and programmed a retro Zoltar fortune teller that was a hit among carnival attendees!

Finally, students at Cooley Middle School, participated in Maker Empowerment, where they spent their fall finding ways to use technology to make the world a better place. Our makers invented an app to help the homeless find resources, an app for senior citizens to make friends, and a smart tile that can notify someone if it senses body heat for too long. On the last day of class, our makers demonstrated their inventions and discussed the design process, including any problems they faced and how they worked through them.


We've had such a great time working with all of these talented young innovators and we're looking forward to another successful year of making at ReCreate!

AuthorShubha Rajan Arehalli