Valentine Shadow Boxes


     Ok, so like me you probably have plenty of pictures laying around with the only real means of displaying them being in a photo album...but lets be honest, how many times do you really LOOK through that album? All of those gorgeous memories sandwiched away between book bindings (or digital albums) got me thinking about creative ways to display them, thus leading to my newest Blog Craft!

     I had taken these Adorable pictures a few years ago of my daughter and niece (I will admit, due to digital age photography and the internet, I had not even gotten around to getting them printed...sad but true)
I figured it was about time but struggled with how to display them. I mean sure, I could frame them in typical black frames

(*side note...I don't hang my pictures in anything but it a pet peeve of mine or one of my OCD characteristics, but I just think most photos look better with a black frame)
Anyway, as I was walking through the reCREATE warehouse, I noticed some totally neat heart shaped Chocolate boxes, and got to thinking that they were just about big enough to fit pictures in! Maybe with a little tweaking and some fancy connecting it would work, so I set on my mission and here is what I did and what I used:


* 2 large & 2 small Heart Shaped Chocolate Boxes
* Red Ribbon (left over from Christmas)
* 4 pieces of Black Cardstock
* 1 8x10 & 2 5x7 pictures
* 6 Small Red roses
* Red Heart beads & tiny mixed beads
* Poem printed about Cousins
* String for back


* Glue gun
* Scissors
* Exacto Knife


Step #1
Pick your photos

I had my local box store print me a couple pictures...It only cost $4.59 but could have been even less expensive had I already had them printed or used my own printer.

Step #2

Arrange your boxes in the configuration you like best!
(I personally like odd numbers for displaying things, so I ended up using 7 total)

Step #3

Cut out the card stock to fit the INSIDE of the hearts that will be BEHIND the photos

I used black since it coordinated with my black & white photos but you can use what you prefer.

Step #4

Trim pictures to fit the inside of the frames as best you can

Attach them to the cardstock, but Do Not glue them down into the frames just yet

Also, since I wrote a poem to go with my pictures, I trimmed those as well...the poem reads:

We are COUSINS by Birth
But we knew from the start
Fate brought us together
Forever SISTERS in Heart


Step #5

Hot glue the frames together where they are touching each other
In my arrangement I have all of my frames touching at at least 2 points for stability

Step #6

Ok I added a supply I had forgotten to list:

* Black paint

(I told you I had a little OCD hehehe)
As I was getting ready to glue all of the pictures in place it just needed SOMETHING...that something for me was coordination and of course nothing coordinaes as well as the uniform color BLACK

So no suprise, Step #6 is paint your frames all the same color (if you are not as particular as me, then just move right along to Step #7)

Step #7

Now that your frames are dry (or you skipped ahead)...

Secure the cardstock, photos and poem if you wanted one into place.

Step #8

Add embellishments

I chose to use a little of the red ribbon for the inside lining of the Large box, tiny roses & small beads to accent.

Step #9

You may choose to modge podge or decoupage the pictures in at this point.

I didnt feel the need for it, but thought I would mention it as an option.

Step #10

Attach some twine, string or wire to the back, hang it up and YOU ARE DONE!


Total cost: $4.59

Time: Aprox 2hrs

Now you have something to do with your boxes after you have indulged in all of those Valentine's Day treats...don't just Toss them, RE-CREATE them!

* And if you are like me and don't particularly care for chocolate (crazy I know), stop by our warehouse store...we have extras and all kinds of other shapes too!

As always, I welcome any and all feedback and questions!

Until next mindful of what your throwing out into our landfills and what YOU could be reCREATING instead!


Happy Crafting!

~Heather Lee

AuthorHeather Lincoln

Hey All of you ReCreate Crafters!

finished project.jpg

My name is Heather Lee, newest of the employees here at ReCreate, and I have the amazing task of creating some unique and fun projects using simple materials that you may have laying around at home that need some re-purposing or that you can find here at our warehouse store!

We are hoping to get a new featured craft up every week and plan to have them geared toward our new (under construction) ADULT Crafting Area! We will of course occasionally have some fun stuff for the kiddos as well, to help them learn the joy in upcycling.

 Depending on the level of difficulty, I may post more than just a before and after pic, so you can follow along as you are crafting, to make it a little less overwhelming.

So without further adieu...Here is our Blog of the Week Project -

Jewelery Holder...Made from Reusing Frame & Scrap  Burlap

Ok, so this project is really as easy as it looks, and if any of you have been to a craft fair recently, you have seen these selling for $20 or more!

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Glue Gun
  • Scrap Burlap piece
  • Old Buttons
  • Scraps of Lace
  • Burlap Flower
  • 8 little Hooks
  • Old Zipper
  • Acrylic Paint (left over from other projects)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife

frame materials.jpg

Step #1

Remove any nails/ staples and glass etc that may be on your careful and use pliers to make it easy...I got lucky this one was really just needing some TLC but most everything else was gone


Step #2

If your frame has a glossy finish to it, Take a little light sand paper to it, but if its already kinda rough (or you have that amazing CHALKPAINT), just roughly paint the frame the color you want

I used a dry brush technique cause I wanted that 'shabby chic' look to match the burlap

Set aside to dry (using acrylic mine dried in under 10 min)


Step #3

Cut a piece of Burlap (or fabric of your choice, anything will work really) about 2 inches larger than the frame

Using Hot glue start gluing your fabric to ONE side of the frame...let cool completely

Move to the OPPOSITE side that you glued first and PULL TIGHT as you glue that side

After you have done that do the TOP then the BOTTOM the same way!

This should leave you a nice tight middle inside to hang your Jewelry on....CUT off any excess using an exacto knife/scissors


Step #4


This is the Fun Part where you get to design the front however YOU want it.

I used an old burlap flower I had and a bunch of old buttons that I glued around the edges

The Lace is PERFECT for hanging those tiny stud earrings on!

I also had some hooks left over from a previous project that I screwed in to the top and bottom so that I would have a place to hang necklaces on...(you can pick these up for around $2.00 at any hardware store if you don't have any)


THAT"S IT, YOU ARE DONE!!...see I told you it was SUPER SIMPLE!

Total cost for this project was under $5.00 and took only about ONE HOUR!


I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

Come back soon to create something New, Fun and Exciting with me!


Please feel free to add any comments, suggestions or questions you may have!

If you and your friends are really LOVING the craft projects and want a 'MOMMIES CRAFT-NIGHT OUT or a 'CRAFTING with the KIDS' class, drop us a line and we can schedule an evening for you full of crafting and FUN!

AuthorDonna Sangwin

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