Corn starch based packing peanuts are an excellent medium for crafting.  Get one damp, touch it to another one, and *magic* they stick together!  With some markers and scissors, you can have a great time creating just about anything under the sun. 


Materials Needed 

For this craft, you need:

  • a bowlful of eco-friendly packing peanuts.  (The kind that dissolve when you get them wet.) 
  • some washable markers, if you want to color them.
  • a wet sponge in a small bowl
  • scissors

To create, simply dampen the part of the packing foam you want to attach to the other piece of packing foam, and touch them together.

We learned a few things from making our crafts:

  • You can roll the foam between your hands, and the moisture on your hands will condense the foam.  This helps if you need a smaller piece.  Also, cutting pieces to the shapes you would like works great. 
  • A few pieces of year or fabric scraps and be intergrated to this craft quite easily.  Just use a dab of glue to attach. 

















Here are some pictures of the art we created.






Don't have any packing peanuts handy?  You can buy one of our Playing With Packing Peanuts Art Kits.    reCREATE is a nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to divert clean, safe, usable materials from entering our landfills... and we use those materials to encourage creativity and art!  Our art kits can be found at:



AuthorDonna Sangwin