What is the Maker Movement?

And... why does it matter that we are providing maker education to the greater Sacramento Region?

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Have you ever made something really cool?  Something that challenged your abilities in design and building?  You probably learned a new skill to make your project, and faced challenges before you had success.  When you completed the project to your satisfaction, you wanted to stand on top of the highest hill and shout to everyone,  "Look what I made!" 

Making teaches creativity, design thinking, collaboration, teamwork, problem solving and more.  These are all critical skills that our youth need to excel in the future workforce. 

At ReCreate, We have been sparking kids creativity and imagination through reuse art for over eight years now. In fact, we have had over 50,000 kids "ReCreate" since we started our program.  Countless parents have told me that their home now has an "invention box"  inspired by ReCreate and filled with materials that would have otherwise been tossed as trash.  We think this is amazing and humbling... and we are just getting started.

We are launched ourGenius Mobile this fall.  The student-centered learning focusing on STEAM. (STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).  Our reuse materials combines with a little bit of tech lend themselves to all of these disciplines. 

Here are examples how far your donation can go with ReCreate: 

$25 to $50 donation – we can purchase the consumables we need to take our program out into the community and give kids an opportunity to create something awesome.

$100 donation - pays for five hours of grant writing.  Our story is powerful – we simply need the funding to grow our program to allow even more kids to make something awesome. 

$500 donation – funds three students to join us for a week long Maker Camp.   Our Maker Camps spark the curiosities and creativity of kids in our region.  Though hands-on, open-ended making opportunities we provide our youth a launch pad for embracing innovation and creative problem solving through making.  We also arm them with inspiration to keep making after the camp is over, so they can start their own journey into self-led making.  Think of it!  Three kids making awesome things for a whole week!

$1000 donation – Takes awesome making on the road, and pays for the supplies/materials to build out the inside of our maker mobile.  Our Maker Mobile will visit regional schools and facilitate student centered learning in the areas of Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math.  When we arrive at the school we will give students a challenge to make something (awesome).  They will learn design, construction, prototyping, adding tech functions, set up and testing.  Most of all – they learn about collaboration, problem solving, and perseverance. 

$5000 donation – Create 20 awesome maker backpacks.  These would be filled with tech education hardware like Arduinos, Makey-Makey boards LEDs, and our reuse materials to bind it all together.  Makers will get inspiration from the included challenge cards.  We’ll check out these backpacks to kids so they can continue on their personal making journey – with regular check-ins from us.  At ReCreate, we believe Maker Education can break the cycle of poverty.  By bringing these opportunities to those who wouldn’t otherwise have them, we bring positive change for everyone.  Together, we can help our next generation learn vital skills necessary to compete in the 21st century workforce.  When is the last time you were given a chance to invest directly in our region’s future?

Can you help us expand our Genius Mobile program, so we can help spark
the imagination and creativity of more kids in our region?